Why She Left

broken promises by Herr Fous

broken promises by Herr Fous

It wasn’t that you didn’t hold her tight enough…

It wasn’t the wedding reception venue.  Or the cost.  Or that it wasn’t the wedding day she’d wanted…

It wasn’t that she fell in love with someone else and out of love with you…

It was the deceit.

It was the lies.

It was because you hurt her, then yelled at her when she cried because she was hurt.

It was the pain you brought into her life.

Because you had no respect for the person she was, the life she had, the life she lived, what was important to her…

Because you believed that one and one equaled two, not a whole…

Because you treated her life as being of lesser importance than yours.

Because her happiness was unimportant to you.

Because nothing was ever your fault.

Because you were always tearing her down.

Because you betrayed her trust.

Because you pretended to be someone you weren’t.

You didn’t love her.  You loved the idea of love.  You didn’t want to be alone.

You just kept taking from her and gave nothing in return.

You used her.

You broke her heart.

You didn’t deserve her or her love.

And you’re still lying  — especially to yourself.

She won’t be back.  The door is permanently closed.


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