Why He Left

imagesCADWXGN2One day he woke up, noticed she wasn’t still  22 and said ‘Yikes‘.

One day he woke up, looked in the mirror and realized he wasn’t 22 anymore and still wanted to be 22.

Your interests changed.

He felt trapped.

He didn’t feel appreciated.

He couldn’t be the person you wanted him to be.

He wanted to be ‘mothered’.

He didn’t want a mother.  He already has one and she’s a saint.

He expected fantasy and reality disappointed him.

He didn‘t want to be a grown-up.

PMS really freaked him out.

She wanted children.  He didn’t.

He wanted children.  She didn’t.

She already had children he didn’t want.

He had children she didn’t want.

The children grew up and moved out.  Now it was his turn.

Because the children didn’t move out.

Because the children moved back in.

He met someone else.

He went looking for someone else.

He thought he could change you and your life by being in it.

He just wanted to date and have some fun, not be with someone 24/7.

He wanted to have fun 24/7, but not necessarily with you.

You were ‘too serious’.

You didn’t/wouldn’t live your life around his.

The concept of cuddling eluded him.

Love meant ‘sacrifice’ to him and that was a four-letter word.

Because men and women look at things differently.  You had different long term views.

Venus and Mars rarely align in the universe.

You just weren’t ‘the one’ (who remained undefined).

He needed to ‘find himself’ — and he’s still looking.

He thought he could ‘do better’.

He got scared.  So he ran.

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