Tis the Season to Go Tropical

It’s July – still.  Heat, humidity, hurricane season (though not usually for this state), sharks chasing tourists out of the water, wild thunderstorms, waterspouts, meteorological tsunamis, dolphin sightings. wildfires decimating acres of natural forest.  Forget August.  The Dog Days of Summer are in July when the worst of the heat waves occur. We’re experiencing the third of the year (fourth if you include the abnormal 70 degree week in February).  Heat index topping 100 degrees, thick air, minimal breezes, minimal clothing.

Everyone got to the farmers’ market early this week to stock up on fruits and veggies. Women of all ages, shapes and sizes were in loose skin-baring sundresses. Tropical colors and prints were in abundance, smiles and nods we were dressed in seasonal finery.

Forget the cold brew coffee stand, too dehydrating, smoothies too heavy.  I headed for the tropical designed truck, hoping for a refreshing drink to offset the water (refillable) bottle in the car and found they had watermelon mint lemonade on the menu.  Perfect. Then I headed for the stand with just picked melons.  Farmer noticed my drink.  “Is that….?”  Yes. I smiled.  She definitely wanted a glass.

Years ago we were working as contractors for the army (on base).  Fridays we tended to dress more casually, a habit from our days in the private sector — especially since we didn’t have meetings on Fridays.  I noticed one of my colleagues wearing a tropical print shirt — as she had the previous Friday.  Was this a Friday theme?  There was a small, shy smile.  Count me in.  We then announced to the rest of our company team on base that for the rest of the summer we would wear tropical shirts every Friday.

One Friday the assistant program director (G-Man) came by our office area.

What’s with all the Hawaiian shirts?
We’re celebrating Tropical Fridays!
(raised eyebrow) Tropical Fridays?
Yes.  It’s summer.  Heat.  Humidity.  Hurricanes.  We’re celebrating the season and the start of the weekend.
(He turned to our boss man who had accompanied him.)  Where do you find these people?

Then the annual picnic came up and the email announcement stated there was a theme: Hawaiian Luau.  Wear your Hawaiian shirts. The louder the better.  Contractors invited.

We’d been noticed.  No olive drab for us.

No need to live on an island to go tropical.  Even the government employees had a bit of Parrothead in the them.  It just makes the 9 to 5 a little brighter, a little easier being an adult who no longer gets a 2 month summer vacation.

There are still some Fridays left this summer.  Spread the word.  Tis the season.






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