Send Dad the Flowers – Mom Needs Tools

You would think with all the focus on non-gender specific toys that gift giving for adults wouldn’t be targeted for specific genders when it came to Mother’s or Father’s Day.  Still, there are no ads to buy dads pots, pans, vacuums or any other household appliances. There are plenty of single dads — and single men who can use these items.

Despite men touting their grilling skills, I’ve found that I have had to teach men that yes, you can grill garlic bread, pizza, fish and veggies.  Clearly they are in need of pots and pans because takeout can get very expensive very quickly.  They will be more useful than that table saw which might get used once.  Besides you cannot impress a woman with a home cooked meal when you can’t figure out how to grill dessert.

Besides the message of ‘Cook for me. Clean for me.’ by buying kitchen and household appliances for women, not only are you relegating them to stereotypical women of pre-World War II, but it’s an insult to their culinary and cleaning skills using their current appliances.  Flowers die.  And if by chance you decide to buy a plant, then plant it for her. In fact, design and plant an entire garden.  Then she can admire the flowers without adding to her to-do list.

Not only are there a lot of single moms, there are single women who need tools just as much as men.  Even married women who are barred from even entering the Man Cave, let alone use any of his tools.  Screwdrivers, pliers, staple guns, hammers, wrenches, hand saws, hacksaw, branch saw,  a level and tape measure, mallets, tool chest, clamps.  These are basic tools every household needs.  It’s just not practical to hire someone to hang a picture, put up shelves or curtain rods.  Replace breakers.

I once had to call an electrician because a breaker blew when the washing machine was in mid-cycle filled with water and slipcovers.  It cost $250 for a $4 part and 60 seconds worth of work with a screwdriver.  Outrageous.  Decided that I would replace the next breaker that blew to save myself money.  And I did.  Just make sure to turn everything in the house off and shut the main breaker off before you start.  Saved myself $246 dollars and didn’t break a sweat.

Let’s not forget power tools.  Drills, drivers, Dremels, jigsaws, a shop vac, pressure washer, cordless screwdrivers, nail gun, palm sander, orbital sander, soldering iron, woodburning tool.  And a chainsaw.  Those landscapers don’t work cheap.

I remember talking with my neighbor about something I was refinishing and she offered to loan me her palm sander.  Already had one.  We both smiled and our eyes twinkled.  I know more women than men DIYers.  Men just usually have more tools they don’t use.

Buy dad the blender to whip up those margaritas.  Mom needs a Rockwell compact circular saw and a router attachment for the Dremel.

Don’t wait for the tool sales next month.  Buy them now.  And don’t buy pink ones.  She can paint them herself if she wants.

Go.  Now.  Sears is still in business.