The No Blues Quarantine Blues

It’s said “All You Need Is Love”. And “I Want To Hold Your Hand”, “Warm Your Heart” and give you some “Good Lovin’” ’til the “Love Runs Out”, but — 6 feet. My arms are too short. “Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow” if you find out that “I Shot the Sheriff”? Kidding. Just kidding. Seriously. I know we haven’t been “Laughing” much in the past year, but we really some levity “These Days”.

No one is seeing “Paradise By The Dashboard Light” and very few in any other light, because — 6 feet. But we just need to “Breathe” and remember that “Love Is Like Oxygen” to keep from having our “19th Nervous Breakdown” in a single year. And while some days it may be tough to remember what day of the week it is, the real question is “Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?” since we keep changing the clocks. I’ve gone through 4 watches in the past year because the batteries died (or the strap broke) and no one was open for repair forcing me to buy new watches. Thankfully I don’t live in “On the Dark Side” of Alaska and can track the time via the sun’s movement across the sky.

The season of spring is back and the “Air That I Breathe” just “Feels So Good” that I do a “Morning Dance” before my morning walk and “Looking Out My Back Door”, I need to finish the new garden areas since last spring there were just way “Too Many People” also getting supplies and it freaked me out: “Get Back” (6 feet!) and “Don’t Stand So Close To Me” (6 feet!) so I merely filled in the front landscaping with the help of the very small nursery businesses that ordered my plants for me to pickup to avoid crowds. But this year I have the build the raised beds and get “Movin’ On” ‘cause “Only The Good Die Young” and “It’s A Drag Getting Old”, but the plan is already formulated and I want a lot of years to just sit and “Let It Grow” — with maintenance and enjoy the “Fresh Air“.

“I Want A New Drug” but there are no appointments available, not enough supply and you can’t get waitlisted. If/when I get vaxxed, maybe I’ll have a “Peaceful Easy Feeling” again and head out on a big ol’ “Jet Airliner”, go “Sailing” on the “Sloop John B.” for a “Lovely Cruise” or just “Roll On Down the Highway” (not in a “Pink Cadillac” but a “Little Deuce Coupe”) because the tourists snuck in last March and never left and this is definitely not “Margaritaville”. We closed the entire county the day after the first case in the county hit (unlike Florida). Suddenly there were runs on teabags. Teabags. What the @#$$#%$%$? Plenty of coffee on the shelves though. We’re trying to sneak “Under the Boardwalk” ’cause the tourists are walking all over the top of it. Yeah, “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”.

Everyone’s still “Working for the Weekend” only it’s being done while drinking “Black Coffee In Bed”, then some “Red Red Wine” in the afternoon and topped off with a shot of “Tequila” when we can finally call it a day — or a week — or a month.

It’s definitely “The Long and Winding Road” back to pre-COVID days. Remember to “Teach Your Children” to wear their masks in public, keep their distance from others, wash their hands and keep from touching anything unnecessarily so that we can all go back to school, work, play and dance cheek to cheek instead of back to back. We all need a “Time Warp” but until then, all I can do is “Dream On” about having “Fun Fun Fun“ and “Boogie With Stu”.

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