But The Dogs Are Loving It

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Some people deserve a smack upside the head.  Or a kick in the butt.  Some should get both.

Suddenly there are people walking dogs past my house that I have never seen — on any day, in any season, of any year I have lived here.  Dogs that have never been out of their yards.  And they are loving it.

And people who never walk or jog regularly are also out now that most businesses are closed and all schools have closed.  These are not normal work from home people who are taking their exercise or fresh air break.  I can tell by their shape and pace and the fact they don’t know which side of the road they should be walking/jogging on.

I like to walk a morning mile — every day that it doesn’t rain or snow, all year ’round and I’ve been doing that since before I’ve lived in my present location.  The neighborhood knows me and recognizes me.  I’ve even been known to direct traffic and let the commuters exit their driveway so that they can be on their way.  My neighbors will wave from their driveways and cars and I’ve seen them shake their heads when it’s twenty degrees out and still they see me out walking. (I also sometimes add a shorter mid day walk since I haven‘t been commuting in years.)

Last week I was out as usual while I noticed a lot less traffic and almost no one headed to work and it was very calming.

This week was a horror story.

People headed straight for me making no move to give themselves or me a 6-foot berth or heading for the opposite side of the street.  Multiples walking abreast down the middle of the street (with strollers included) making it impossible for anyone else to walk past at a safe distance.  I had to go to the store for a few items that were ‘not available for pick up’ but definitely on the shelves (@#$%***) and there was more horror.  It took two days for me to calm down from the idiocy of the ‘center of the universe’ syndrome displayed by others.

Refresher: You walk/jog against the traffic. You bike/skateboard with the traffic.  Parents, teach your children.  Children, teach your parents.

Consider this a smack upside the head.  These are the ‘burbs.  It’s easy to keep a 6-foot distance from others.

Viruses spread.  They always have.  Almost everyone in the world has gotten a cold at some time or another.  It’s caused by a virus.  And the virus spreads from person to person — always.  That’s science.  That’s fact.  It’s how viruses work.  Most aren’t airborne and this one isn’t.  Some even mutate. We still don’t have a cure for the common cold.  All we can do is treat the symptoms.  Can’t prevent them.  Can’t kill the virus that causes them.

There was never a doubt that COVID-19 would travel from country to country.  History has shown this with every other virus in recent memory: AIDS, SARS, Ebola, Swine Flu.  It was merely a matter of time and how many people would be affected.  (And yes, the Big Fat Orange Twit in the White House is an stupid, idiotic, narcissistic, 3-year-old ass for all of his denials and outrageous lies.)

But this post is about the dogs — and their people.  The first casualty of COVID-19 hit the county two weeks ago (Friday the 13th).  It was already in the state but about 100 miles away.  Within two days, we voluntarily started shutting down the county: libraries, schools, municipal buildings, restaurants, any event that would bring people together — before the governor said to shut down and stay at home.

But parks and other outdoor spaces were still open so that we could get fresh air and exercise.  Yeah, you can guess what happened.  By the weekend people flocked to the parks, playgrounds, beaches, lakes and boardwalks — including tourists whom we asked nicely to please not come and overburden our small hospitals and staff.

The casualty numbers rose dramatically and now parks, playgrounds and other outdoor areas have been closed (including dog parks), barricaded and taped off to keep people from congregating outside who were crowding each other.  Tourists — especially those from out of state — are outraged they were told they weren’t welcome and now locals aren’t happy either because we can’t even enjoy our own towns.

But the dogs are loving having so much attention from their people.  When everyone returns to work and school (probably months from now), those dogs are seriously going to resent their people leaving them at home or only in their yards.

And to anyone who feels they are invincible and resents being told to keep their distance, consider this a smack upside the head, along with a kick in the ass, while I keep a 6-foot distance.

And here’s a giant smack from Italian mayors:  https://twitter.com/protectheflames/status/1241696164782669824?te=1&nl=morning-briefing&emc=edit_NN_p_20200323&section=whatElse&campaign_id=9&instance_id=16988&segment_id=22598&user_id=9139b0e7fba6812131be1d7a4466a503&regi_id=97165713ion=whatElse

We’re all human.

We’re all susceptible to viruses and disease.

Zombies will not be the death of the human race.

Not one single person is indestructible.


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