Treehugger is Not a Bad Word

Ogden Valley Utah (screenshot from drome video)


Plants need it to live.  Animals need it to live. People need it too.

Without it, every living thing on the planet dies.

Trees and plants produce oxygen.  Buildings don’t.

It should be a no-brainer for people – regardless where they live in the world that trees and plants are vital to our existence.  And while we do need buildings to provide shelter from weather and climate for us humans, it should not be at the expense of eliminating every plant and tree on the face of the earth.

Does anyone take a hike or road trip to see the ‘fall colors’ of buildings?  Umm….no. Buildings do not change colors with the seasons.  Sure, you can string up colorful lights, but it doesn’t begin to compare with the green leaves changing to yellow and gold and orange and red…OK, not everywhere. There are areas where the trees never change color although the leaves renew themselves to new green leaves, so no one takes a scenic drive through South Florida to see the fall foliage — which is non-existent.  And then there’s Utah.  Whoa!  Pink and purple leaves?  What kind of trees are those and do they grow anywhere else besides Utah?  Can someone send me a couple?

I want trees that turn pink and purple in my yard so that I can have my very own unicorn forest. I already have the yellow and orange and red. Right now the only pink and purple in my landscaping is my fuchsia plant which is still in bloom.  Besides it will tick off my neighbors who have cleared every tree from their yard because they complain of the pollen in the spring (it’s only bad for two weeks) and the falling acorns in the autumn (which is prime roadkill season for the squirrels) and curse any leaf that falls in their yard. These are however, the same people who make sure they park and wash their cars in the shade of my trees in the summer.  Yeah, we all know people like that.

Oxygen is good for humans and the planet.  Trees are our friends.

While it’s been cited that the Amazon rainforest produces 53% of the earth’s oxygen, the area of the Pacific coast of the Taiga (Russian name for forest) and the Pacific coast of northwest North America actually contains 1/3 of all trees on the planet and produces more oxygen and absorbs more carbon dioxide than all the rainforests combined for the entire planet. (whoa!)   Marine plants (specifically phytoplankton) produce 70-80% of all the oxygen in the atmosphere.  Now, even if math wasn‘t your strongest subject, these figures total more than 100%, but the point is that we need to grow more trees and keep our oceans (which cover most of the planet, not land) clean and healthy so that we humans can live.

So yeah, clean air and water are important.  Without it, we won’t be able to grow food, or else grow food that is not in the least healthy due to all the pollutants we as humans have allowed to get into the air and water.  And even if you don’t like fruits and veggies and prefer meat, animals eating plants poisoned by the air and water will in turn poison people. Poison the water and there’s no fish either.  Humans need food in addition to breathable air to live.  And does air pollution interfere with the efficiency of solar panels?  Hmm.  Something to research.  If so, then there’s another reason to work for cleaner air.

I mulch the leaves that fall in my yard, creating more earth as it decomposes.  More earth allows me to grow more plants and trees so I am doing my part to help produce more oxygen for myself and the planet.

Oxygen.  It’s a no-brainer.  Support it.  Vote for it.  Fight for it.

Treehugger is not a bad word.  And I may have had a past life as an Ent.

(To see full video of Ogden Valley click here.)

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