A Season for Every Man

There are four seasons of equal lengths:  winter, spring, summer, fall — according to calendars.  All too often Mother Nature flips the bird to things like solstices and equinoxes.

Winter seems to last the longest — especially when you need to keep the heat on from October (which is still autumn) until April or May (which are spring months).

Summer is the biggest joke simply because after it begins on June 21 (or thereabouts) the daylight hours get shorter.  The longest days of the year are in the spring which this year seems to be non-existent.

The only amusing thing about the weather going from winter straight to summer is laughing at all the snowbirds who went south for the winter who find themselves having to still wear winter clothes like the rest of us when they return.

So wax down that surfboard and stick in a pile of snow.  Instead of sandcastles, use those buckets and forms for snow and ice castles instead.  If your imagination is limited to snowmen, at least dress them in tropical shirts or bathing suits. Give the neighbors something to smile about.  It’s the only way to deal with spring snow.  You can mow the lawn and pick weeds in June.

Eventually the seasons do change.  We haven’t reached The Endless Winter — yet.



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