Summer’s Only Over for the Tourists

all photos by Lori M. Nichols

Forget holidays.  Forget school terms.  When the tourists leave after Labor Day the locals do a happy dance.  We get our towns back.  We can run errands on the weekends again and not get stuck in traffic or try to detour around it.  We still have two weeks.  Summer isn’t over until the autumnal equinox occurs.

Even the dogs are happier.  They’re allowed back on the beach, on boardwalks and the dog parks have more running room.

This past weekend one of the water parks held a pool party for canines and their human companions in celebration of the local summer season.

And the four-legged ones had fun.

They jumped right in. 











They enjoyed the water slide.











even if they were a little unsure….






They went swimming.











Everyone was in the water.
















A fun time for canines and humans.






Even for those canines who just wanted to hang out with their human.








Summer isn’t over for the locals on the coast.  We’re still wearing shorts and flip-flops.  Summer flowers are still blooming, boats are still in the water, pools haven’t been closed up for the winter, furniture is still out on the decks and patios, windows open for the one sheet cool nights of sleeping.  The farmers’ market still continues with locally grown summer fruits and veggies as well as fall produce.  Leaves won’t be falling for another two months.  We’ll wear sweatshirts with our shorts and flip-flops before we ever consider wearing socks again.

We no longer have to calculate day of the week, time of day to dodge tourist traffic to get to the fish market for our fresh caught seafood and hope they haven’t sold out (which may close earlier this year since Irma blew through their winter abode).  And we won’t need to pack a cooler to get it all home.  We’ve got our pick of the sand at any time of day at the beach.  We’re still drinking our coffee and tea iced.  And if we don’t see any tourists for another year, it suits us just fine.

photo credit: Lori M. ichols

Daylight may be waning, but it’s still summer for the locals.  We’ll still hit the beach until it snows — unless a freak hurricane hits us.

(All photos are available for purchase here.)






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