Because it’s still winter…

snowfridgeThere was a blizzard where this photo matched the view outside my garage door.  It wasn’t this year.  We might have already had our one big snow of the season and the hype didn’t match the outcome or the results of previous blizzards (like above) — especially with the drifting which left about 2 inches in front of my garage and 12 or more inches at the bottom.

But it’s still winter and that means snow and cold and ice and a lot of dreary days.  It’s the month when everyone gets tired of the season since it’s a long long way to the next holiday from work.  (Unless you have a government job, most companies do not close for any holiday that occurs between New Year’s and Memorial Day.)  It’s just one more reason winter seems to be the longest season, regardless what the calendar says.  Cabin fever is at its peak.  The novelty of ‘resolutions’ and new possessions has worn off and for some of us, there are fewer businesses and restaurants open until the tourists start trickling back this way.

The antidote: flowers.  Forget the 14th.  There was a time when I commuted that I spent my lunch hour every Monday at the florist — for myself.  A little color to perk up my desk and day.  A way to remind myself that spring and summer would eventually arrive.  Usually I tried to find irises and stargazer lilies and I’d buy 3 stems, 2 of one flower and 1 of the other.  One week a colleague passing my office noticed the flowers and asked what the occasion the flowers represented.  Because it’s still winter I told him.  He jumped back and didn’t approach me for the rest of the winter.

Because it’s still winter, there should be a run on flowers every week in February and roses are definitely not the flower of choice that evoke thoughts of warmth, sunshine and kick your heels up fun.

If it’s not possible to find uplifting flowers, then you need to hunker down with a good book or movie, lounging in some cozy soft warm microfiber fleece jammies (preferably in a black/red buffalo plaid), with a cup of herbal tea or hot cocoa when it’s snowing and the temps are below freezing.

Because it’s still winter.

The irises and lilies are months away from blooming naturally.

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