If only men would learn from dogs…

4aacc7f2597a7ef167166206ea6e5fc2They never lie.

They definitely would never tell you they’re broke and in debt after you sell your house and move and put their hand out for money to pay their mortgage.

They wag their tails and dance for every meal.

They don’t complain about what you make them for dinner – even though it’s the same food every day.

They love you unconditionally – every day, no matter what kind of day you’re having.

You are the center of their universe.

They always want to cuddle with you.

They don’t talk back.

They never argue.  They may be stubborn at times, but still they don’t argue.

They never yell at you.

You can never stay mad at them for more than 60 seconds.

They never hate.  Dislike strongly (like baths), but never hate.

They don’t care if you have any internet social profiles and if you get any ‘likes’.

They never stay in bed for a case of the sniffles.  They need to go to the vet when they’re sick.

They never look at other people and think “Ooooh, wish I lived with that person.”

They never break dates or stand you up – especially on New Year’s Eve.

They hang their heads in remorse if they’ve done something bad.

They never criticize your weight, hair or clothes.

They don’t pretend to be something they’re not.

They grow up.

They  never pass up the opportunity to go for a walk with you – unless it‘s raining.

They make great road trip companions because they enjoy stopping to catch the sights and the opportunity to sniff out new places.

They aren’t petty and are only selfish when it comes to chew bones and the food in their bowl.

They don’t know when birthdays and Christmas are, so they don’t ask for or expect gifts and cherish every one they get – regardless of cost.

They will defend you with their lives if they feel you are threatened.

You will defend them with your life if you feel they’re in danger.

They will lie down next to you when you’re not feeling well to watch over you.

They want you to be happy.

They will let you cry, lean their whole body against yours and lay their heads against you because they feel your pain and understand sometimes you need to cry.

They will give you hugs when you need comforting – without asking.

They make us believe in magic and miracles.

They never dump you – ever – for any reason.

They are happy to be with you every moment of their lives.

They make our lives rich with only love to give us.

They will stay with you for richer, poorer, sickness and health.

If they could, they would die with you and not one minute before that time.  It’s the only time they’ll break your heart.


Hugs and kisses forever to the best man ever in my life:  Sneakers


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