Weekend Weather Update

Lately, there have been a series of storms traveling across the country, causing havoc in some areas. Forecasters have been making it sound like a blizzard is about to hit the East Coast. Last weekend they predicted less than an inch of ‘disruptive’ snow/sleet before turning to rain. (Disruptive? I’ve never heard weather reported with personalities before this year.) We got about 4″ before it changed to rain. A couple of days later they warned 3-5″ of more ‘disruptive’ snow coming. We got less than an inch. This weekend one advisory predicted 8-10″. There was no snow by me. We only got obnoxious rain. On average, without researching statistics, Gloucester probably usually gets more snow than the Jersey shore, but I love how they cope with winter forecasts.

Good Morning Gloucester

weather map

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