Hey Sandy girl, this boardwalk life is gone. . .

early Sunday, before the big waves

It was a direct hit.  And we haven’t had such a hit since long before I was born.  Much as it was due, I was really hoping Sandy would not take a left turn at Jersey and head for New England instead.  As much as the forecasters get many predictions wrong, this one they got this one right – mostly.  As soon as Sandy made a left turn, they kept changing to town landfall locations and she was arriving earlier than expected.  But the state remained the same.  And damned if the power didn’t go out just as she made landfall.
217 miles of coast and almost no town spared along it.  We are left with memories and ruins.  Many beaches and towns remain inaccessible.

Mantaloking Bridge -built in 2005 and Rt. 35 leave the town stranded

view of Mantaloking from the bay side – with pieces of a house on the bridge

We don’t just have downed power lines and streets filled with sand.

Rt 35 along mainland thru end of one of the barrier islands

We have roads filled with boats and pieces of houses.

on Rt. 37 bridge from Toms River to Seaside

side street

and boats on railroad bridge

house in the middle of the road

Not a single boardwalk was unscathed.

AC – boards and buildings gone

Belmar – gone

Pt. Pleasant: not what the boards used to look like

Neither were they untouched in Asbury or Sea Girt or Spring Lake (rebuilt after the ’92 noreaster).  Wildwood (a 5 mile boardwalk with multiple piers) got hit too.  And as for Seaside and the amusements:

the roller coaster this past summer….

it fell into the Atlantic….

only the ferris wheel remains…..

and the pier is left like this

The promenades in Cape May and Sea Isle City got buried.  Nearly every dune along the coast was leveled.  There are still many power outages and our humble little aquarium on the coast is desperately trying to save marine lives.  Those penguins are just the cutest when they line up for dinnertime.  Fires are raging where personnel can’t even get to the area.  And no one will be playing bumper cars or skee-ball in Keansburg any time soon.

Last week we were wearing t-shirts and flip flops.  This week we need socks and sweatshirts and heat.  Sandy has been no treat.

She wasn’t kind.

And while we can rebuild houses, buildings, bridges and boardwalks, the coastline will never be the same.

dune fencing no longer needed

no dunes or garages left

no dune to walk from to the sea level

And the say a nor’easter is on the way for next week.  At this rate I may soon own waterfront property.

All images taken from Asbury Park Press and Atlantic City Press since I couldn’t get access to the actual beaches.

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